Animal Farm


Animal Farm is a symbolic novel written by George Orwell which was published for the first time in 1945 in England. At first glance it appears to be a book written for children containing the story related to the farms, animals and their lifestyle but as you go through it deeply you will find that it conveys a serious message instead of a tale of fighting animals like Tom and Jerry. The author has highlighted the ways of conversion of perfect communist mythology into the system believing in totalitarian form of government

Review of George’s Orwell’s Animal Farm

The story of Animal farm starts with the meetings held secretly by animals to find the ways to get rid of the dictatorship of mankind on their community. Old Major, a pig who headed the meeting, encouraged other animals against Mr. Jones through his powerful speech and song titled as Beasts of England. The author continued such meetings until they ruled out the possession of humans on the Manor farm through Battle of Cowshed and captured its possession. Now the animals were free to take decision for their progress as the masters of their own. At first of all they renamed Manor Farm as Animal Form and written The Seven Commandments, a constitution for themselves. The morning of every Sunday was honoured by singing Beasts of England after hoisting a flag.

Though they increased their yield than earlier with the hard work of horses under the supervision of pigs by using simple ways of harvest to be autonomous but still it was not easy for them to operate this farm. They called each other comrade and worked harmoniously but they could not maintain this communist as well as free framework for long.

Pigs then started convincing other animals that feeding pigs with most of the milk and apples will be in their own interest and gradually amended al the rule of their constitution in their favour. The rules like ‘All animals are equal’ were changed to ‘all animals are equal but some are more than others’ by taking the advantage of poor literacy of the animals and their political statements. The crowd was pacified at the time of protest against these changes by the nine trained enormous pigs with adequate military powers. Thus the operation of the Animal farm became the dictatorship of the most idle but brightest animals, pigs.

Through Moses, a docile raven, Orwell also criticised the church as he talks about an imaginary happy country, Sugarcandy Mountain, where poor animals can live on the basis of their efforts. The interesting point at this situation is that Moses was sleeping in his barn when Old Major was delivering a revolutionary speech which replicates when the communists caught the church asleep. Orwell has also shown fight for power and chair between Snowball and Napolean in this book when they use illegal ways to weaken the support for each other.

In this way the author used his beautiful style of writing a fairy tale, Animal Farm, to discuss serious issues in an interesting manner.


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