George Orwell’s Essays


Eric Arthur Blair, commonly known as George Orwell, was one of the most thought-provoking twentieth-century authors who wrote some of the best essays in history. He was born in Bengal India in 1903 and died in 1950. Although he died at a tender age, his ideas have lived on through up to the present time. Most of his works have been reproduced into films that are enjoyed by many people around the world. Orwell was the best essayist, novelist, and critic who become popular for his novels the animal farm and nineteen eighty-four.

Orwell decided to fight the injustices of his time using pen and paper. In fact, the works of George Orwell is an accurate reflection of the society of his time. His essays are a reflection of his boyhood and profession of essay writing to his personal views on British imperialism and Spanish Civil War. The works of Orwell does not end the there. He wrote many topics about Charles Dickens, Mahatma Gandhi, Rudyard Kipling, and Jewish religion. Here is a list of some of the most celebrated George Orwell’s essays.

#1. Such, Such Were the Joys

This essay is an Orwell’s account of his stay at Crossgates- a school for rich students in England. He went to that school not because he was rich but because he was a bright boy. At Crossgates, Orwell had a perfect chance of passing exams and joining some of the prestigious universities later and boosts the image of the school. The sad part of this book is that he could not have a cake each year because his parents were poor and could not afford to buy it. Orwell in this essay shows how the poor and bright student could be discriminated by the rich. In fact, this childhood memoir is inspiring and cannot be compared to any other childhood account by other

#2. Charles Dickens

In this essay, George Orwell analyzes the works of Charles Dickens in a simple way that is easy to understand and will help the readers appreciate Dickens as a great writer. He describes Dickens a moralist since he was against wrong deeds of those in power or the rich people in his time. In fact, this essay will make every reader wants to read the works of Charles Dickens.

#3. Shooting the elephant

This is very short, but it is one of the best works of Orwell. In this essay, Orwell describes his life a policeman in Burma. He hated Burmese his job because he feels that local Burmese did not like English people as they are oppressors. One day, there was runaway elephant that killed a native. As a policeman, Orwell is required to kill the elephant. He does not intend to kill the elephant but he is forced to do so because of the fear of ridicule from the locals. In this essay, Orwell is trying to paint white imperialists as puppets matching to the tune of natives while trying to impress them.


George Orwell was one of the best authors whose works are popular even nowadays and in the future. He wrote many books that are still applicable in our current society. You will always have an insatiable appetite for reading George Orwell’s essays.


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